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Fondant Birthday Cake | Fondant Birthday Cake Recipe | Fondant Birthday Cake Ideas 2012

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Fondant Butterfly Birthday Cake

There are a variety of different cake types. Most of them are occasional such as wedding cakes and birthday cakes. It needs some artistic skill. The process of cake decoration is also called a "sugar art", since it uses only edible decorative elements to make plain cakes visually interesting. The cake you want to decorate should be well baked and cooled one. There are many ways to decorate cakes such as applying gum paste, using piping techniques or using food color.

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Cars Fondant Birthday Cake

Gum paste is a stiffening agent that helps for making hand-made edible fruits and flowers to decorate the cake. Piping methods needs a hand held pastry bag made from paper cloth or plastic. Pastry bags are used for icing and also for making flower shapes, stars, leaves, etc.

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Fondant Birthday Cake Designs

Tinting and frosting are the other ways to decorate cake. Butter cream is made with sugar butter and other flavorings. Fondant is a thick creamy white sugar mass. Decorating cake with fondant is as easy as playing with clay as a child. Fondant does not need to be refrigerated but the cakes decorated with fondant can be refrigerated. Any types of cakes such as cup cakes, regular cake and occasional cakes can be decorated with fondant.

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