Friday, June 22, 2012

Carnival Birthday Invitations | Cheap Carnival Birthday Invitations 2012 | Carnival Birthday Invitations Printable

carnival birthday cakes

Carnival Birthday Invitations Martha Stewart

Colorful countless balloons, eye-popping bright colors and fun games - a carnival is definitely one of the happiest places for the kids! So, why not bring the excitement of the carnival into your little son or daughter's birthday party! You can invite kids to a carnival-themed party in your backyard or at the local park. Either way, there is awesome fun to be had by everyone!

carnival birthday party invitations

Circus Carnival Birthday Invitations

For a great carnival-inspired birthday invites plan, send out some 'Admit One' ticket party invitations to guests. This is quite easy. Just design your own ticket on the computer. Use text boxes or free templates that are included in your word processing software. In bold letters across the top, type the words 'Admit One for (your kid's name)'s Birthday Carnival!' Then, provide underneath the complete party details: time, date, place, RSVP by date and contact number.

carnival birthday party supplies

Carnival Birthday Invitations - Photo

Also we need to consider and can not be passed to the event's success is his birthday,Carnival Birthday Party Decorations Idea,Carnival Party Favors,Carnival Fun Foods,And also Cool Carnival Birthday Party Games.

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Birthday Cake Balls | Birthday Cake Balls Ideas | Birthday Cake Balls Design 2012

vanilla cake balls

Birthday Cake Balls Stick

If you're like a lot of people you've probably never heard of cake balls before. How had I gone through life thus far not knowing about cake balls?

red velvet cake balls

Birthday Cake Balls Bakerella

OK, so what is a cake ball exactly? Add frosting, and roll the mixture into bite-size balls. You can use a cake mix and store-bought frosting or you can bake your cake from scratch. For my first batch I used German chocolate cake, coconut pecan frosting, and chocolate coating. For my next batch I want to try strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate coating.

cake ball wedding cake

Birthday Cake Oreo Balls

Yum! You can even decorate your cake balls with sprinkles and other decorations. Many bakeries make cake balls from their leftover scrap pieces of shaped cakes. During my research I also discovered that when you put cake balls on sticks they become "cake pops" or "cupcake pops".

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Healthy Birthday Cake | Healthy Birthday Cake Ideas | Simple Healthy Birthday Cake

sugar free birthday cake

Healthy Birthday Cake Chocolate

Everyone loves cake on their lips...but not on their hips. There are ways to have your cake and actually eat it too when you decorate your cake with fruit or other healthy toppings. Fruit is not only a healthier option than candy cake toppings, it's also colorful and provides various shapes and textures to your cake.

homemade birthday cakes

Healthy Coconut Birthday Cake

If you decide to use fruits in a decorative manner on your cake, be aware that fresh fruit will moisten the cake and help it spoil quicker. Stay away from fruits that oxidize too quickly (apples, pears, bananas) as no one wants to eat a cake with wilting brown fruit on top. The secret is...fruit jam. Try sugar-free jams to reduce calories even more.

healthy birthday dessert

Healthy Strawberry Birthday Cake

Whipped Toppings,,Instead of plopping gobs of fat-laden, sugary-sweet icing on top of a cake, you can use a simple ingredient fresh from your grocer's freezer: whipped topping. Cool Whip or generic store brands provide a sweety, yet less fattening icing to cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. Nuts,,German chocolate cakes slather on walnuts to the icing, but you can do it without the chocolate.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday Cake Shot | Best Birthday Cake Shot | Birthday Cake Shot Design 2012

chocolate cake shot lemon

Birthday Cake Shot Chocolate

During birthdays, mommies could not forget buying the most delicious cakes in town. It seems birthdays are not that meaningful if cakes are absent. In fact in big birthday celebrations the cakes are large and you can see amazing designs depending on the budget of the person who ordered the cake.

pineapple jello shots

Birthday Cake Shot Glass

I'm sure the birthday celebrant would feel great and full of enthusiasm with the colors of the cupcakes surrounding your birthday celebration.

birthday cake drink

Rainbow Birthday Cake Jello Shots

There are a lot of cupcakes which vary in sizes and flavors. You can design your birthday cupcakes according to your needs and wants, colors, shapes and sizes. Cupcake artists make good designs and they are very important in a company.

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