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Healthy Birthday Cake | Healthy Birthday Cake Ideas | Simple Healthy Birthday Cake

sugar free birthday cake

Healthy Birthday Cake Chocolate

Everyone loves cake on their lips...but not on their hips. There are ways to have your cake and actually eat it too when you decorate your cake with fruit or other healthy toppings. Fruit is not only a healthier option than candy cake toppings, it's also colorful and provides various shapes and textures to your cake.

homemade birthday cakes

Healthy Coconut Birthday Cake

If you decide to use fruits in a decorative manner on your cake, be aware that fresh fruit will moisten the cake and help it spoil quicker. Stay away from fruits that oxidize too quickly (apples, pears, bananas) as no one wants to eat a cake with wilting brown fruit on top. The secret is...fruit jam. Try sugar-free jams to reduce calories even more.

healthy birthday dessert

Healthy Strawberry Birthday Cake

Whipped Toppings,,Instead of plopping gobs of fat-laden, sugary-sweet icing on top of a cake, you can use a simple ingredient fresh from your grocer's freezer: whipped topping. Cool Whip or generic store brands provide a sweety, yet less fattening icing to cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. Nuts,,German chocolate cakes slather on walnuts to the icing, but you can do it without the chocolate.

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