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50th Birthday Themes | 50th Birthday Themes Hollywood | 50th Birthday Themes Decorations 2012

50th birthday favors

50th Birthday Themes Parties

Here are the top most popular 50th birthday party themes today.

• Mexican Fiesta
At number five is the Mexican Fiesta theme. This can be a really fun and colorful party with the right music, decorations and food. A creative idea for a game would have your guests involved in a timed nachos eating contest. A self serve taco bar is a fun idea for food.

50th birthday ideas

50th Birthday Casino Theme

• Mardi Gras
At number 4 in popularity for 50th birthday ideas is a Mardi Gras party complete with beads, masks and Cajun food and decorations. Mardi Gras colors are blue, green and purple-use these colors in your decorating theme. Decorate with beads, pictures of New Orleans, jazz players, gold chocolate doubloons. Mardi Gras wouldn't be Mardi Gras without lots of different beads. Invite your guests to bring Mardi Gras masks and have a game involving the masks.

• World Beer Party
Food of the appetizer type would lend itself well for this type of 50th birthday party.

50th birthday party supplies

50th Birthday Centerpiece Ideas

• Luau Party
A tropical or Hawaiian Luau style themed party is extremely popular.

• Casino Party
At number one for 50th birthday ideas, in terms of popularity today, is the Casino party theme. For those guests not into gaming, karaoke can be a lot of fun.

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Funny 50th Birthday Cake | Funny 50th Birthday Cake Ideas | Funny 50th Birthday Cake Pictures

funny 50th birthday party invitations

Funny 50th Birthday Cake Chocolate

A 50th birthday is a major step, and it's one that people love to celebrate. Where 21st birthday parties tend to be a blur that most people prefer to forget, and 30ths tend to be awkwardly celebrated, 50th birthday parties are a great time to celebrate in style. This means that they can pick a birthday party that is perfectly suited to them, rather than bowing to someone else's ideas. birthday balloons. If you head down to your local party shop, you should be able to buy some balloons that are relevant to a birthday party.

50th birthday gag gifts

50th Birthday Cake Decorations

birthday invitations. Consider buying some specially designed 50th birthday party invitations and send these out to your friends. You can print some off using your computer, or make some using pretty paper and other 50th birthday decorations.A birthday cake and candles. What fun is a party without a fabulous cake? If you prefer your cakes plain rather than decorated, you can also purchase candles that are shaped like numbers.

funny 50th birthday party ideas

50th Birthday Cake Images

50th birthday dress ups. There are all sorts of fun 50th birthday decorations that you can wear, or make your guests wear. Consider purchasing a birthday tiara, or wearing a badge that advertises your new age.birthday cups and plates. Consider buying plates and cups that are decorated.

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Fish Birthday Cake | Fish Birthday Cake Template | Fish Birthday Cake Designs

fish birthday party ideas

Fish Birthday Cake Chocolate

Here are some cake decorating ideas to help you to make your cakes extra special that do not require exceptional cake decorating skills.

fish theme birthday party

Fish Birthday Cake Australia

First, determine a theme for your cake. For example, if the person likes to fish, make a fishing theme cake. If the person likes to golf, make a golf theme cake. For example, for a mail carrier make a mail theme cake or for a carpenter, make a carpenter theme cake.

fish birthday party supplies

Rainbow Fish Birthday Cake

A really easy cake decorating idea for making these theme cakes is to purchase cake toppers that match your theme to place on top of your cake.

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Dinosaur Birthday Decoration | Dinosaur 1st Birthday Decorations | Dinosaur Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

dinosaurs birthday supplies

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Boys aged 6 to 10 are almost always fascinated by ancient dinosaurs. Dinosaurs certainly fit the mold easily. If your little boys birthday is coming up, consider dinosaurs as the theme. Creating a one-of-a-kind invitation is easy when you are planning a Dinosaur party. Buy an egg-shaped toy that's usually use for Easter egg hunt.

dinosaur birthday plates

Dinosaur Birthday Decorations Baby

As much as possible, buy neutral coloured eggs because your aim is to make it look like a dinosaur egg. The best thing about a Dinosaur party is the number of activities you can do. Your guests can personalize his or her fossil base by pressing the bones, leaves and feathers to the clay's surface. Keep in mind that Dinosaurs can either be plant lovers, or meat-eaters.

dinosaur birthday banner

Dinosaur Birthday Decorations Table

Decorating a dinosaur party is a breeze because there are a lot of Dinosaur rental companies around. To make everything fit, stick a big dinosaur in the centre of your cake. Dinosaur-themed parties are usually full of details, and you may have to supervise everything closely.

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Chocolate Birthday Cake Decoration | Chocolate Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas | Chocolate Birthday Cake Designs 2012

special birthday cakes

Chocolate Birthday Cake London

Kids of all ages love chocolate cakes. If you bake one for the first birthday of your child, you will definitely get the reward for being star mom in the form of lots of hugs and kisses from the children at the birthday party.

designer birthday cakes

Chocolate Birthday Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

It is Important to the make sure That you prepare a birthday cake That They can enjoy. And maybe chocolate cake is the right choice for kids or adults.
Form the way, as beautiful as possible with the feel and look so tempting.

kids birthday cakes

Chocolate Birthday Cake Nigella

It's definitely not easy to plan kids' birthday parties. The ideas Mentioned above are a great way to start, though. If you'd like to see other ideas and items for the next party you're planning That, you'll find more on party stores on the Internet.

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Cute Easter Cupcakes | Cute Easter Cupcakes Ideas | Cute Easter Cupcake Designs 2012

cute easter cupcake ideas

Cute Easter Cupcakes Buttercream

Easter cupcakes are often a common addition to the festivities, however, putting jellybeans on top of coconut to decorate your Easter cakes may be getting a bit on the stale side in terms of style. The good news is that there are many great ways to decorate your Easter cupcakes to create something beautiful and elegant or fun and stylish for your Easter feast. Here are just a few simple Easter cupcake ideas to help you get started.

easter cupcake designs

Cute Easter Cupcakes Coconut Grass

One interesting idea is to use fancy cupcake liners to create interesting Easter cupcakes. Create your nest with the grass and in the center place several small malted Easter eggs. You can use a basket weave icing tip and actually create a basket on the cupcake that is flush with the cake and then place candies in the top.

easy easter cupcakes

Cute Easter Cupcakes Desserts

The other option is a bit more fun. Using a regular icing tip, you use green icing to create grass in the basket (the cupcake is the basket so use brown cupcake liners or chocolate cupcakes!) and then "fill" the basket with candies such as M&Ms, jellybeans, etc. The truth is that you can create easy decorative Easter cupcakes with little to no decorating skills and just a few ingredients. Use your imagination and have some fun this Easter with your cupcakes!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scary Halloween Cake | Scary Halloween Cake Pictures | Scary Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas

scary halloween treats

Scary Halloween Cake Cupcakes

A scary Halloween cake is perfect for more grown-up gatherings. Body parts are a great idea: a cake in the shape of a severed hand, skull with oozing green filling, or bleeding heart can all be simple to make but have a huge effect on your guests.

cute halloween treats

Scary Halloween Cake Lollipop

If you can't find a cake pan in the shape that you want, get creative and look at other cake pans that you might be able to use to achieve the shape you want. If all else fails, just make a sheet cake and cut it into the required shape.

best halloween cakes

Scary Halloween Cake Decorations

Your next Halloween cake can be as tame or as spooky as you like it. The important thing is to have fun with it and make it a truly unique part of your celebration. When the sugar highs wear off and the costumes have been tucked away into the closet, everyone will remember the effort you put into making your Halloween cake special.

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Spooky Halloween Cake | Spooky Halloween Cake Ideas | Spooky Halloween Cake Decorations 2012

spooky halloween desserts

Spooky Halloween Cake Toppers

Halloween is the best time of year to pull out all the stops when it comes to cake decorating. Put on your creative cap and have fun with designs, colors and themes.I love to make spooky and rather gory cakes for Halloween. There's always gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, body parts, spiders, glow in the dark skeletons, the list goes on!

spooky halloween treats

Spooky Halloween Cakes Kids

I think the most popular colors for Halloween are of course orange and black, deep purple and reds as well as browns and yellows. Stay away from any cheery pastel colors! Do you want to make a sheet cake, a tiered cake or a 3D shaped cake? Here are some sheet cake ideas: Frankenstein and his wife, haunted house, pumpkin patch, ghosts and goblins. Here are some tiered cake ideas: Haunted graveyard with road going up, haunted house on top of hill, trick or treating, Here are some 3D cake ideas: Scary pumpkins, spooky skeletons, Frankenstein's head, hand coming out of grave and of course beattlejuice.

spooky halloween store

Spooky Halloween Cake Pictures

If you know how to make cake pops there's some really great tutorials on how to make some really scary Halloween cake pops.Remember when you're creating your scary Halloween Cake to go all out! Use candies, jellies, gummy candies, chocolate and any other toppers you can find.

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Lemon Birthday Cake | Lemon Birthday Cake Ideas | Lemon Birthday Cake Pictures

special birthday cakes

Lemon Birthday Cake Frosting

Do you love lemon cake? Lemon flavored yellow cake mixes were among some of the first types of flavors to be introduced in premixed packages.

birthday cake designs

Lemon Birthday Cake Chocolate

Whether you are making wedding cakes or birthday cakes, lemon is one of the most popular flavors beside chocolate flavored cakes and various spice cakes. Make Specialty Cakes such as Lemon Cake Crockpot Recipes.

cupcake birthday cakes

Lemon Birthday Cake Icing

You can easily blend the mouthwatering flavors and aromas of lemon by grating up some tangy lemon peels as well as adding lemon juice to enhance the dessert.

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Birthday Cake Plate | Birthday Cake Plate Sale | Cake Decorating Plate 2012

cake on a plate

Birthday Cake Plate Ceramic

Cake plates are special types of plates that are used to serve different types of cakes to your guests. These plates are designed for special cakes and not for the cakes that we eat in our day to day life. The size and design of the plates depends up on the size and design of the cakes and there is a huge variety that you can get in the market.

pedestal cake plate

Glass Cake Plate With Dome

As for example, small models are perfect for serving birthday cake but not dessert cakes. The plates for serving cakes can be made from different types of materials like plastic, stainless steel, paper, ceramic materials like porcelain, and many other materials.

crystal cake plates

Cake Plate Italian

For homemade cakes, you can arrange the design of the cake depending upon the type of cake plates you have. There is another type of cake plated called footed cake plate. These are plates that are exclusively designed for serving cakes and cookies and nothing else.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black And White Party Themes | Black And White Birthday Party Themes | Black And White Party Themes And Decor 2012

black and white party supplies

Pink Black And White Party Themes

Black and white party ideas go hand in hand with more formal affairs. Anniversary parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, and ballroom dance parties to end a semester of learning the art, are all reasons to go all out in the romantic splendor of formality.

black and white party invitations

Black And White Party Centerpieces

Decorate your space with wreaths of white flowers and bits of gold and silver sparkle. Fill cut glass containers such as large candy dishes and serving bowls with water that has been tinted the color of glacier water (blue and green food coloring will do, but make it very pale) and float white candles in them.

black and white theme party

Black And White Hollywood Party Theme

Candles in candle holders set on glass works very well, too. Dress your table in white, white cloth, white cloth napkins and wine glasses, even if no wine is served, because they look fantastic. Silver is traditionally allowed at a black and white party theme, so use any silver accents you have available, such as candle holders or serving dishes.

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Western Party Themes | Western Party Themes Ideas | Western Party Themes Decorations 2012

western party invitations

Western Party Themes for Adults

A western party would simply not be complete without fun, country western decorations to set the mood and theme for your party guests. Whether your country western party decorations are homemade or store-bought, they will add to the fun and excitement of your party. Let your guests get in the western mood the moment they arrive at your home. Choose your favorite western movie actor and place a life-size, stand-up poster of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, to greet your guests as they enter your home.

western wedding favors

Western Party Theme Food

Chili Peppers, Cacti, Cowboy Boots or Cowboy Hats are popular shapes for western theme party string lights. Other country western party decorations can include your tableware. Country western themed party decorations aren't just seen, but can also be heard! Popular songs from country western artists such as Toby Keith, Garth Brooks or classic Willie Nelson can be a fun conversation starter for your party guests to play name that tune!

western party activities

Western Party Table Decorations

Use country western party decorations to keep guests in the western mood for your party games. Your guest's attire can be part of your country western party decorations. Suggest to your guests when you send your party invitations, that they wear denim and their best cowboy boots. The combination of themes for your western theme party are endlessly fun and readily available! Feel free to mix and match themes like cowboy, BBQ, hoedown or denim and diamonds when choosing your country western party decorations!

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Jungle Themed Party | Jungle Themed Party Ideas | Jungle Themed Party Decorations

jungle theme party supplies

Jungle Themed Party Drinks

You know you are throwing somebody a jungle birthday party, but now what?

* Use brown paper bags, and cut them into thick strips, then twist them into 'vines'. String them all about your party area, criss crossing them from ceiling to wall back and forth.
* Place real or silk plants in groups all around and in corners to imitate the jungle flora. Concentrate on making areas of thick jungle.

safari jungle theme party

Jungle Themed Party Cakes

* Give your jungle some animal life. Stuffed animals can be hiding in the trees and bushes, or along the 'river bank'.
* Pick up a CD of background jungle music. Monkeys howling and parrots squawking or a soft rain falling.
* Cover your tables with blue plastic tablecloths for water, or green for the overall theme. Place plastic ants and insects crawling here and there.

jungle themed birthday party

Jungle Themed Party Food

* Use an animal pinata or a box for the 'treasure' at the end of the expedition filled with sweets and toys for the kids to enjoy.
* Brown paper bags with party favors in them of plastic animals and little binoculars can be passed out after the food and games are finished.
Make a caterpillar cake and decorate it with black licorice whips. Mix up some jungle juice of pineapple or coconut and orange. Whatever your jungle themed party looks like, it doesn't have to be perfect.

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