Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scary Halloween Cake | Scary Halloween Cake Pictures | Scary Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas

scary halloween treats

Scary Halloween Cake Cupcakes

A scary Halloween cake is perfect for more grown-up gatherings. Body parts are a great idea: a cake in the shape of a severed hand, skull with oozing green filling, or bleeding heart can all be simple to make but have a huge effect on your guests.

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Scary Halloween Cake Lollipop

If you can't find a cake pan in the shape that you want, get creative and look at other cake pans that you might be able to use to achieve the shape you want. If all else fails, just make a sheet cake and cut it into the required shape.

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Scary Halloween Cake Decorations

Your next Halloween cake can be as tame or as spooky as you like it. The important thing is to have fun with it and make it a truly unique part of your celebration. When the sugar highs wear off and the costumes have been tucked away into the closet, everyone will remember the effort you put into making your Halloween cake special.

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