Monday, March 26, 2012

Slumber Party Cake | Slumber Party Cake Pictures | Slumber Party Cake Decorating Ideas

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Slumber Party Cake Decorations

If you have mini cake pans or have been thinking about purchasing some, you may be wondering about mini cake ideas. Mini cakes are a lot of fun. When used for something like a wedding or a fancy party, you can decorate your cakes to compliment your decor. You can monogram each cake with the bride and groom's initials.

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Slumber Party Cake Bed

Mini cakes have also been used as a table centerpiece. The individual cakes are stacked to form another cake in the middle of the table. Each guest can remove a cake and eat it. Depending on how the cakes are decorated and the overall theme of the party, this can be casual or formal.

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Slumber Party Cake Girls

You can decorate a single mini cake and allow the baby to dig in. If you are throwing a slumber party for a special little girl, you can allow each guest to decorate the top of their own cake with sprinkles, chocolate chips and more! Some creative people have even made fancy single servings of jello out of their miniature cake pans.

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