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Party Cake Ice Cream | Party Cake Ice Cream Recipe | Ice Cream Party Cake Ideas 2012

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Party Cake Ice Cream Cones

Wow! I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a Dairy Queen cake, cause we all know they are delicious! The easy part of this cake is the main ingredient is one box of ice cream sandwiches. These usually are chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla ice cream, but I have run across ones made with strawberry ice cream.

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Party Cake Ice Cream Turkey Hill

Ingredients Needed:
1 Box of 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches (Rectangular)
1 Jar 11.75 oz. Hot Fudge Topping
1 Jar 11.75 oz. Carmel Topping
2 Small containers 8 ounce of Cool Whip
1 Small Bag of chopped Walnut pieces or Pecans.
Unwrap the sandwich cookies and place 5 of them side by side on an aluminum foil covered cookie tray.

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Tesco Ice Cream Party Cake

Next warm the hot fudge in the microwave until it is easy to spread. Spoon a layer of hot fudge over the top of the cookies. Place in freezer for 5-10 minutes until the hot fudge sets. Now you will place the other 5 ice cream sandwiches on top of the previous layers. This time heat the Carmel topping in the microwave until it is easy to spread. Next place more Cool Whip on top and spread sides as in icing a cake. Sprinkle the top with nuts and your masterpiece is finished. I have made this cake using the strawberry ice cream sandwiches, and exchanging the Carmel topping for strawberry topping. Don't be afraid to experiment-it is so easy and so delicious!

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