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Cute Easter Cupcakes | Cute Easter Cupcakes Ideas | Cute Easter Cupcake Designs 2012

cute easter cupcake ideas

Cute Easter Cupcakes Buttercream

Easter cupcakes are often a common addition to the festivities, however, putting jellybeans on top of coconut to decorate your Easter cakes may be getting a bit on the stale side in terms of style. The good news is that there are many great ways to decorate your Easter cupcakes to create something beautiful and elegant or fun and stylish for your Easter feast. Here are just a few simple Easter cupcake ideas to help you get started.

easter cupcake designs

Cute Easter Cupcakes Coconut Grass

One interesting idea is to use fancy cupcake liners to create interesting Easter cupcakes. Create your nest with the grass and in the center place several small malted Easter eggs. You can use a basket weave icing tip and actually create a basket on the cupcake that is flush with the cake and then place candies in the top.

easy easter cupcakes

Cute Easter Cupcakes Desserts

The other option is a bit more fun. Using a regular icing tip, you use green icing to create grass in the basket (the cupcake is the basket so use brown cupcake liners or chocolate cupcakes!) and then "fill" the basket with candies such as M&Ms, jellybeans, etc. The truth is that you can create easy decorative Easter cupcakes with little to no decorating skills and just a few ingredients. Use your imagination and have some fun this Easter with your cupcakes!

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