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40th Birthday Cake | 40th Birthday Cakes Ideas | 40th Birthday Cakes Designs 2012

ideas for 40th birthday cake

40th Birthday Cake Funny

40th birthday celebration is always a sensational one. If you are going to plan for birthday party, there are some cake ideas that you can consider.

40th birthday ideas for women

40th Birthday Cakes Fondant

The old cake standby is a perfect choice for celebrating 40th birthday. It is a simple and plain one, but the idea is to put number 4 and 0 numbers big as possible on top of the cake. Some people add a drama by mounting the edges of the idea with 40 little candles. The second popular idea is the photo reproduction one. If you are ordering the cake online or from a local bakery shop, the photo will be asked from you. Texts, drawing, logos, or any other item can be added on top of the cake through the use of edible food coloring. The fun in this kind of cake lies on the portion of eating the cake. Everyone seems to wait on who takes and eats the piece of cake where the face or head of the celebrant is lying.

40th birthday cake ideas for men

40th Birthday Cakes Decorations

If the celebrant loves to play golf, the cake can be designed with a golf course on top. If the lady loves collecting designer shoes and bags, the cake can be embossed with the particular designer logo and name on top.Team colors will add make a perfect accessory for the cake idea. If the celebrants loves color red so much, you can make a cake that is of bright red. Imagine if the favorite color is blue or green?

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