Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Birthday Cake | First Birthday Cake Designs | First Birthday Cake Decorations 2012

1st birthday cakes

First Birthday Cake Alternatives

The first birthday is a very special mile stone. Here are some 1st birthday cake ideas for you to consider.Buy, beg or borrow a cake tin in the shape of a number 1. Bake your cake and cover it in white roll out icing. The decorate in the colours of your choice. You can write their name on the cake.

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First Birthday Cake London

I love the idea of a teddy bear theme for a 1st birthday idea. You can buy cake pans in the shape of a teddy bear, or you could decorate a round cake with a smiley teddy bear face.

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First Birthday Cake Natural

If you're good with sugar past or marzipan, you can make so cute animal figurines to top your cake.

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