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Jungle Themed Party | Jungle Themed Party Ideas | Jungle Themed Party Decorations

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Jungle Themed Party Drinks

You know you are throwing somebody a jungle birthday party, but now what?

* Use brown paper bags, and cut them into thick strips, then twist them into 'vines'. String them all about your party area, criss crossing them from ceiling to wall back and forth.
* Place real or silk plants in groups all around and in corners to imitate the jungle flora. Concentrate on making areas of thick jungle.

safari jungle theme party

Jungle Themed Party Cakes

* Give your jungle some animal life. Stuffed animals can be hiding in the trees and bushes, or along the 'river bank'.
* Pick up a CD of background jungle music. Monkeys howling and parrots squawking or a soft rain falling.
* Cover your tables with blue plastic tablecloths for water, or green for the overall theme. Place plastic ants and insects crawling here and there.

jungle themed birthday party

Jungle Themed Party Food

* Use an animal pinata or a box for the 'treasure' at the end of the expedition filled with sweets and toys for the kids to enjoy.
* Brown paper bags with party favors in them of plastic animals and little binoculars can be passed out after the food and games are finished.
Make a caterpillar cake and decorate it with black licorice whips. Mix up some jungle juice of pineapple or coconut and orange. Whatever your jungle themed party looks like, it doesn't have to be perfect.

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