Saturday, April 14, 2012

17th Birthday Invitations | 17th Birthday Invitations Templates | 17th Birthday Invitations Designs

elegant birthday invitations

17th Birthday Invitations Australia

Girls would usually throw a big birthday party for their 17th birthday, complete with a mini-entourage (17 roses, 17 candles, etc.).
One important aspect to be considered in planning a debut is the invitation. A debut's invitation will greatly depend on the theme or motif of the party.

boys birthday invitations

17th Birthday Party Invitations

Most people expect a lot more than just an e-mailed birthday invitation from debutantes. The most preferred way to send 17th birthday invitations is through the traditional and classic snail mail. The most traditional invitation sent through snail mail is composed of personalized invitation cards or pages with pictures of the debutante and girly designs such as butterflies, flowers, hearts, stars, etc.

adult birthday invitations

17th Birthday Invitations Cards

The most popular 17th birthday invitation are hand-made invitations. The designs range from normal paper and ink invitations up to 3D-like invitations that can even have pop-up features.

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