Saturday, April 14, 2012

40th Birthday Favors | 40th Birthday Favors Cheap | 40th Birthday Favors Decorations

40th birthday invitations

40th Birthday Favors Mint Tins

There are many aspects to throwing a great party, one of which is selecting party favors for your guests. Here are some party favor ideas, as well as things to think about, to help you make your favor selection.

40th birthday gifts

Personalized 40th Birthday Favors

Keep your guests in mind. Will I be inviting men and women? What about children? You want to give favors that would appeal to all guests. Some well-intentioned hosts give out favors like votive candles or glass keepsakes. Relate the favors to the guest of honor. My friend Jon is a motorcycle fanatic, so for his 40th birthday party favors, we ordered chocolate motorcycles with personalized ribbon. Everyone loved them.

40th birthday quotes

Unique 40th Birthday Favors

At my sister's 40 th birthday party we invited her closest girl friends and had a wine, cheese, and dessert party (my sister loves a good glass of wine!). By keeping your guests in mind and incorporating the interests and tastes of the guest of honor, your 40 th birthday party favors are sure to be a hit.

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