Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cowboy Birthday Cake | Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas | Cowboy Birthday Cake Designs

cowboy boot birthday cake

Cowboy Birthday Cake Pattern

Every kid wants to have a wild western birthday party. Cowboys are quite a heroic figure to young children, and cowboy party ideas are so exhilarating. It thrills kids to think about living back in the days of the wild, wild west. Just imagine what a stampede feels like up close, or a cattle drive. A cowboys life seems a little lonely, but romantic. It seems young children are as mesmerized by it as we adults are.

cowboy birthday invitations

Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

A cowboy birthday cake is a challenge. There are novelty shaped cake pans that look like a horseshoe or a horse that you can bake and decorate yourself. Plastic horse power cake topper kits are sold that would go perfectly with this theme. You can choose to make cupcakes and decorate them with horse figures. You can also find some edible cake images (they have edible cupcake images too). These images are easy to use.

cowboy birthday supplies

Cowboy Birthday Cake Theme

Just peel them off the sheet and put them right on top of the party dessert you have made. So cut out some construction paper in a horse shoe design and fill it out with your party information. Get those western party invitations out and get started shopping for your cowboy birthday party supplies!

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